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A wedding is one very defining moment for every couple. It is a symbol of unity, one that seals the love between two consenting adults. It is in weddings that couples are legally authorized to be husband and wife and religiously permitted to share a home. This defining moment cannot be complete without the people we love being present to witness us exchange our holy matrimonial vows. Wedding invitation cards are specifically designed to give us the opportunity to express to our loved ones our deepest gratitude towards them for always being with us and how we appreciate and value their presence. It goes without saying that we would go to extra miles to please the people we care for and for our wedding, inviting our friends and relatives with state of the art; profoundly designed cards won’t even be enough to describe our joy of having them in our wedding.

The information included in the wedding invitations and wedding shower invitations are so important and should be designed to make your guests feel more appreciated while preparing for your big day. With our application we don’t just design wedding invites, rehearsal dinner invites, lingerie shower invitations and baby shower invitations; we are keen in ensuring that the following aspects are well taken care of.

Setting the tone

With our software, it is easy to set the tone by simply directing it how you want the invitations to look like. We believe that wedding invitation cards should exude the exact theme of the event to come and even compliment the wedding favors. With specific colours, your guests will be in a perfect position to decide which finest attires to wear on that big day. More interestingly, it will give them idea of how magnificent the place will look like simply guessing your favorite colors portrayed on the wedding invitation card.

Creating sheer excitement and anticipation

Well designed invitations should be able to make people have the desire to come to your wedding. It should engage them into fun imaginations of how refined your wedding ceremony will look like. They should anticipate meeting lovely people and enjoying every bit of it. With our application designing this type of wedding invitation card is as easy as a.b.c. All one needs to do is talk and let the application do the rest. Interestingly, you can add decorations that would be practically impossible to design using existing design software.

Providing relatable information

It goes without saying that the most main reason for having a perfect invitation card is to correctly include all the relevant information for your guests. With our application the following information can easily be included without straining.

1. Who?

It is extremely important for your guests to know where the invitation is coming from. Our app gives the designers easy time including this information by simply responding to it. In addition, you can also include information of people who helped you organize for the wedding making them feel appreciated and giving your guests the impression that you enjoy working with people. When noting down the names it is important that familiar names be used, note that proper etiquette doesn’t necessarily apply in every aspect of our lives.

2. When?

Another common mistake people make when stating the time the event will start is quoting the time the music will start and not the time they will start walking down the aisle. Your guests should not wait for long before the real thing begins. As a norm, the guests should arrive like 10 minutes earlier. Also, our app gives you the room to include when the cocktail will be served and when the reception will begin.

3. Where?

Our application also lets you give fulfilling information of where exactly the ceremony will take place. The information provided should entail the full street address and the precise city.

4. Dress code

When designing wedding invites, we believe that it is important to state clearly how you expect your guests to look like. If you expect everyone to be in suits and ties categorically state so. As for the ladies, just telling them where the event will be held is enough to make them dress accordingly. Advise them if the place can be well manoeuvred with heels or whether they will need their flats.

Other information that you can include in your wedding invitation card using our software includes; accommodation information and wedding website. The core reason why we came up with this APP is to lighten the burden of designers. Interestingly, even people who like doing it on their own can effectively use this APP. Unlike other designing software and APPS you’ve seen out there, our APP lets you instruct it by simply talking and let it do the rest. For further inquiries, feel free to drop a comment or directly contact us using the contact details provided.





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